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You know what? The waste battery has been lost with the garbage

2017-10-18 15:25

You know what? The waste battery has been lost with the garbage

Since 2005, dry cells have not needed to be treated this way, and they can even be lost along with the garbage.

In fact, after recent technological advances and improvements in materials, the environmental threat of mercury in dry cells has been accepted.

Concentrated treatment instead of the concentration of pollutants, more prone to local pollution.

There are several common types of batteries in life:

1. Lithium battery, which can find the symbol Li of chemical element on the surface of the battery;

2. Alkaline battery, zinc manganese battery, English name: Alkaline battery, some will write mercury-free Alkaline batteries;

3. Nickel-cadmium or nickel metal hydride battery, the identification of the battery is Ni-Cd or Ni- H, the former contains a large amount of heavy metal cadmium, the latter is not cadmium, and needs to be distinguished.

4. Lead battery, often found in electric car, English name: lead battery.

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