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What are the starting batteries for diesel generators?

2017-10-18 15:23

What are the starting batteries for diesel generators?

A: there are two kinds of maintenance batteries:

1. No maintenance (addition of supplementary liquid) is required after a one-time addition of electrolyte to the purchase.

2: it is the accumulator itself that has been added to the electrolyte and sealed dead, the user can not add the liquid at all.

B: according to battery maintenance status classification

(1) less maintenance of storage battery: the English mark of less maintenance battery is LF, and its internal structure is not very different from that of ordinary lead battery, but the technology is more advanced and the structure is more reasonable. In use, the general check once a year the electrolyte level, such as insufficient, should add distilled water (note: can only add distilled water, added electrolyte, otherwise cause excessive electrolyte density, make damage to the battery). The rest of the precautions can be used in reference to the use of general lead batteries.

(2) is a maintenance free storage battery, maintenance free storage battery of English signs for MF, maintenance-free batteries due to its structural advantages, the consumption of the electrolyte is very small, in the service life of the basic don't need to add distilled water. It also has the characteristics of shock resistance, high temperature resistance, small volume and small self-discharge. Life expectancy is 2-4 times that of ordinary batteries.

C: the lead-acid battery is classified according to the state of the charge

(1) no-charge type: no-load battery storage period plate is in no-charge state, battery has no electric liquid. When used, the electrolyte should be added and used after initial charging. General lead-acid batteries are uncharged batteries.

(2) dry lotus type: it is the full name of dry charged lead-acid battery, it is the main characteristic of negative plate has higher storage capacity, under completely dry condition, can in two years storage period preservation of electricity, dry charged lead-acid battery plate has been activated at the factory, when using only charging standard density of electrolyte, etc. Can be used in 20 to 30 minutes.

(3) wet charge type: the storage time plate is wet and the battery that keeps its charge is called the wet charge battery. The wet charge battery is a slightly different process than the dry charge storage battery, and the time of keeping charge is also shorter. The wet charge battery is in the storage period (about 6 months), the standard density of the electrolyte can be used at the specified height, and the initial charge can reach 80% of the rated capacity. The storage period of the wet charged battery in a year or so shall be discharged immediately after the electrolyte is added, and 50% of the rated capacity can be released. The wet charge battery can be recharged before it is used, and the rated capacity can be reached. Wet charged batteries are suitable for occasions where they are not stored for long periods.

(4) liquid type: storage battery with electrolyte and in charge state. According to the electrolyte state classification

(5) rich fluid type: the rich fluid type is relatively lean, which is that there is a lot of acid water in the battery. It's called "liquid lead acid battery".

(6) lean type: this battery is called the valve control sealed lead acid battery, and the English marker is VRLA. All its internal electrolyte adsorption on the diaphragm and plate, and the diaphragm in 90% of the saturated state, the inside have no free liquid electrolyte, won't cause the electrolyte overflow, without adding dilute electrolyte, placed anywhere can be used. The battery is a no-maintenance battery. The above is the generator manufacturer hua quan electric power to everybody popularize the knowledge of the diesel generator set up battery, everyone understand? If there is any question about the price of diesel generator set, we can contact our company directly. China full power is a diesel generating set in enterprises, products include yuchai, weichai, KaiXun, Volvo, cummins and other major series, more than the previous model design, annual output of more than 2000 all kinds of generator set, export 38 countries and regions of the world. In the process of actual use, all customers for China the most extensive evaluation of diesel generating set is to use, durable, and overall embodies the energy-saving, environmental protection, easy to start, strong adaptability, features and advantages. Choose quality, choose China.

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