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Review battery life from electric vehicles

2017-10-18 15:28

Review battery life from electric vehicles

1. The embryonic stage of battery technology

Battery technology is a great invention, has a wonderful and long history, as early as the original Battery can be traced back to 250 BC, the rope does not reach the civilization for the first time in Baghdad Battery, Battery English "'" first appeared in 1749, it used for the first time by the inventor, Benjamin Franklin, at that time he used a set of series capacitor for electrical experiment.

In 1786, the Italian anatomist galvanic when doing the frog dissection, found that bioelectricity, and published in academic circles, in 1800, volta inspired by galvanic frog experiment, with copper, tin, salt water as material successfully invented the voltaic cell, in 1836, Britain's Daniel redesign "volt electric pile". He use dilute sulphuric acid as the electrolyte, can solve the problem of the battery polarization, produced the first polarization, can balance current ─ copper zinc battery, say again "Daniel battery".

In 1860, France's prandai invented the battery, the precursor of the battery, with lead. At the same time, French rechran invented the carbon-zinc battery, which made battery technology go to the field of dry battery, and ushered in the commercial phase of battery technology.

2. Commercial stage of battery technology

Commercial began in dry cell battery technology, it is made up of the British heller's invention in 1887, and mass production in the United States in 1896, at the same time, ThomasEdison iron nickel in 1890 rechargeable batteries, also the commercial production in 1910.

Since then, due to commercial drive, battery technology ushered in the era of rapid, ThomasEdison invented in 1914, alkaline batteries, SchlechtandAkermann invented in 1934 sintered plate nickel cadmium battery, Neumann, developed in 1947 sealed nickel-cadmium batteries, LewUrry (Energizer) in 1949 to develop a small alkaline battery, the age for alkaline batteries.

Since the 1970 s, the battery technology is affected by the energy crisis, step by step in the direction of the physical power supply development, in addition to 1954 in solar cell technology continues to progress, lithium battery and nickel metal hydride batteries are also gradually invented and commercial applications, such as our country in 1987, the commercial production of lithium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries commercial production begun to take shape in 1995.

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